Our Features

Offline feedback

No internet connection is needed while conducting feedback, data is safely stored in the app until the device is connected to the internet.

Real time feedback

Owner of a particular industries can get on once click of submit button. They can take instance action according to feedback.

Data security

We used encryption tools to protect that only you have access to your data is secure on the device, at your network.

Data sync

If there is issue of internet connectivity still our app perform task without creating any problem. App stores data in device and compress it and send to the network when it will connect to internet

Data analytics

View and analyses feedback responses as soon as they are collected in charts and variety of formats. You can easily understand by graphical presentation of data with attractive layouts.

Resolve issues faster

If there is any negative feedback about a particular industry. Owner of the industry gets instance feedback and can take fast and strong action across feedback.

Track staff performance

Keeping track of employee's past work availability, vacation time, and personal or sick leave can support your performance review process.

Improve customer delights

We not only track staff performance but also if there is positive feedback from staff then we award them.

Know your customers

Monitor and optimize customer satisfaction at all relevant interaction points - from purchase to onboarding to post service requests and more.